David Pergament - Musician & Dogwalker

I'm not crazy, I'm creative

Dave the Drummer

It was the year of the Tiger and a year of many international events.
One of these (perhaps not as important as the international ones)
was the birth of David Pergament.

In a family highly influenced by music,
David grew up enjoying music which were not common for children in his age.

When the classmates were dancing to Madonna at school-discos,
He would rather sit alone at home, listening to Miles Davis.

Since his parents were musicians, it became natural for David to pick up an instrument.
He choose the drums.

It was a choice which still follows him up to this day.

Ozvel Lopez (1993 -2005)
Johan Björklund (2005-)

Bands & Musicians:
Terry Bozzio, Johan Björklund, Jojo Mayer, Akira Jimbo, Noriaki Kumagai,
Sebastian Lanser, Mario Duplantier, Blake Richardson, Gavin Harrison,
Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Sarah Nyberg Pergament, Sean Reinert

Frantic Bleep, Emperor, Arcturus, Mr Bungle, Primus, BBC Radiophonic Workshop,
James Horner, Fantômas,Casiopea, T-Square, Mess, Frost, Nerve, Boards of Canada,
T- Square, Gojira, Top Secret drum corps, Panzerballett, Between the Buried and Me,
Mind Key, Pagans Mind, Ozric Tentacles, Opeth
, Textures, Cynic


10", 12", 13" (Pearl Export/ Sonor)     
Floor toms:
14", 16" (Pearl Export)

Bass drum:

22" (Pearl Export)
Snare drum:

14" (Pearl Export/Pearl Sensitone)
Crash cymbals:
14", 15", 16" (Stagg DH)

Ride cymbal:

20" (Paiste Invader)
14" (Solar)
14" (Paiste 404)
Splash cymbals:
8", 9", 12" (Stagg DH/LP Ice Bell/ K Zildjian)

China cymbal:
14", 16",  18" (Stagg SH/Zildjian XBT

Misc (Not on picture):
16" Crash/Ride (Homemade)
Cowbell (Peace, Stagg)
Mounted tambourine (Peace)
Trigger pads: PD-8 (Roland)
MIDI-module: TD-6V (Roland)
For luck: Cat plushie