David Pergament - Musician & Dogwalker

I'm not crazy, I'm creative


Ever since I played my first video game, its music have always fascinated me.
Being a fan of Game Boy, Nintendo and Super Nintendo, I arrange video game music
to a modern rock band through a midi program, Guitar-Pro.
Below are some of my arrangements, for requests: please sign the guest book.

Fransmania - SoM - Hall of Collosia 2011.mid

FransMania - Super Turrican - Level 1-3.mid

FransMania - Batman, Revenge of the Joker - Level 1.mid

FransMania - Demon's Crest - Level 2.mid

FransMania - FinalFantasy X - For Chris Parreno.mid

FransMania - Spirited Away - Sixth Station.mid